Services – EMYD


Domestic Marketplaces

In domestic marketplaces, we update your product information with correct price and explanation studies for the right users in a way to keep your profit margin high, and we perform competitor analysis for you. We examine the analysis of internet shopping in every region of our country to the finest detail. While matching your products with users, we analyze in detail from seasonal and regional conditions, age and gender, and even their interests, hobbies, and bring your products to the right users. Only a happy shopping experience remains for you and every user to whom your products are delivered.

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Overseas Marketplaces

We are always at your side for all the transactions you need at the beginning and after for e-export. We know that every product you sell is valuable. We are happy to bring online shopping users all over the world together with the quality of the products in your store, in their shopping transactions. With our global research and modules developed for e-export, we ensure that you deliver your products to / from users with trust and best methods. It is very simple to manage your sales and after-sales transactions with your easy-to-use panel. With our 24/7 e-export unit, we are with you in every matter you think of. Emyd offers your overseas market to the right users with a single click.

AliExpress, Amazon Global, Joom, Wish, Etsy, Allegro, Ebay, Lazada, Ebay, Rakuten and other overseas marketplaces

Campaign Studies

We carry out your competitor analysis and offer a profitable sales opportunity with campaigns suitable for your products. With our campaign studies, you can leave aside the high advertising budget calculations and start the turnover calculations for your products that we bring together with the right users. While comparing your products with the users who need them, we make special arrangements for the usage area of ​​your products in the works we carry out with our graphic department.

We analyze your products and plan the process to open sales in appropriate marketplaces.

Cargo Solutions

We are always following you together for the smooth delivery of your products to the users in your domestic and international orders. We know the excitement and expectations of your users until the delivery of the product. With the cargo tracking modules we have developed, we follow the actual stages of each product you sell, until it is delivered to the users. We provide agreements for reasonable prices and damage guarantees for your products. The delivery of every order that is made means your profit increases and the happiness of every user who purchases your product. We know this, and we work to provide the best service for you and every user who makes a purchase.

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Platform Selection

We conduct researches specific to each type of product and ensure its integration into the marketplaces where you will make the fastest and most profitable sales. By analyzing user experiences with care, we determine the users of the product you are selling. We instantly analyze the products that will be presented to the right users in the right area. According to the results of our analysis, specific to each product in your store, we match your products with the platforms you will sell in the fastest way. We compare the matching results with your competitor analysis, and take the necessary actions in cooperation with you.

Market Research

We follow the price and region research of your products on sale instantly and provide users and you with a profitable shopping opportunity. Of course, we know the importance of your products and the ease of presenting them to every user with your price advantages. However, as Emyd, we enable you to compare every product in your store with the users who need it, so we give you the pleasure of not increasing the sales of your products and the happiness of purchasing the best products with the best prices. Whether in local or global marketplaces, in every area where your store is located, we instantly carry out our research for you, and we always work with you with our detailed studies.