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Worldwide E-commerce

Domestically Trendyol, Hepsiburada, Alınıyor, Amazon, the N11 and other marketplaces We optimize your product. We gain maximum efficiency with meticulous work.

Our professional teams manage the entire process from store opening to campaign planning in marketplaces such as AliExpress, Amazon and Etsy.

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EMYD Partners has crowned its knowledge, experience and experience in e-commerce and marketplaces with the integration software it has brought to life. With the integration of EMYD Partners PerforTech marketplace, which will commence operations in March, 10,000 stores that will open stores for the first time will be offered product loading services with excel, XML and link without any product limit.

What is in E-Commerce End to End

We are here to realize what is the best solution for you

Local Marketplaces
We enable you to instantly update the information of your products in the marketplaces to increase your sales.
Shipping Solutions
We are always following you together for the smooth delivery of your products to the users in your local and international orders.
Worldwide Marketplaces
We are always at your side for all the transactions you need at the beginning and after for e-export.
Platform Selection
We conduct researches specific to each type of product and ensure its integration into the marketplaces where you will make the fastest and most profitable sales.
We perform your competitor analysis and offer a profitable sales opportunity with campaigns suitable for your products.
The market research
We follow the price and region research of your products on sale instantly and providing you and users with a profitable shopping opportunity

Now Now AliExpress’te On sale Get Started

Single Authorized Partnership
AliExpress in Turkey, we are proud to be an authorized partner. You can consult us immediately if you have any questions about selling on AliExpress. We manage your Product listing, Campaign Planning and Store Design processes for you. We are transporting your products safely to all over the world with our contracted cargo companies.

Hurry up to create your store design

Official Partnership
We provide your daily Seller Central operations such as price and quantity updates, catalog creation and enhancements tips to help you increase your sales on Amazon. We report items such as suggestions that will increase your orders, renewal of products that are not in stock, and correct pricing of your products.

With Aytunga E-export E-commerce Future you can watch our videos about.