AliExpress English – EMYD

Aliexpres with to the Earth open up

AliExpress’ s in Turkey, we are proud to be the only authorized partner. You can consult us immediately if you have any questions about selling on AliExpress. We manage your Product Loading, Campaign Planning and Store Design Processes for you. We carry your products to the whole world with the cargo companies we have contracted with for confidence.

    Working for the AliExpress Marketplace

    Up to 20 Product Lists

    Preparation of Store Documents

    Opening a Bank Account

    AliExpress & EMYD Partners
    Onboarding Project In scope “Free” To be given Services

    Product Titles with Current Keywords

    Detailed Product Description

    Brand Approval

    Dealing with Product Approval Processes

    Of the World In Big E-commerce Platform

    You can use your products can be offered for sale anywhere in the world from Turkey and export of e-support.


    selling to more countries


    Customer Access


    Earning Opportunity

    AliExpress’de sales you can for required all the process we manage.

    Analyzing Seller’s Products

    Revision of product titles and descriptions with current keywords

    Formation of product contents

    Informing the seller about logistics and customs issues

    Your orders ship

    We provide operational solutions for shipping and customs clearance of your orders. We offer you a cargo company and transportation solutions so that your products reach your customers smoothly.

    Your products Let’s publish

    We ensure that product titles and descriptions are created with up-to-date keywords. We enrich the products in a way that attracts the attention of your customers.