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About Us

EMYD of the e-commerce market in 2019, which has become a global trading center, Turkey was founded to keep the pulse of the market place.

The evolving e-commerce method aims to classify all businesses in the seller position according to product features and place them at the right points, thus bringing the targeted sales policy to the top.
With the effective strategy methods we have created in the light of our 12 years of e-commerce experience, we have brought together nearly 1 million products of 20+ brands in nearly 100 marketplaces with the right buyers in 1 year.
We enable businesses to easily sell their products in the marketplace, regardless of sales volume or audience number.

Our company was founded in 2019 with the idea of ​​activating the sales marketing techniques developed by Fehmi Darbay, who has 14 years of experience in e-commerce methods, under a single roof.
In 2 years period we perform 20+ company’s sales and marketing management support Turkey’s e-commerce sales volume manufacturers with a common route we followed, we transform it into a global market with export email method.
Being aware of the seriousness of the logic of trade, we provide 24/7 e-commerce consultancy services with our experienced team in order to easily solve all the problems & questions that every company in our country has in mind.
Our Services…

Our Mission Bringing a new breath to all sales methods carried out in the marketplaces, to maximize the sales volume of each manufacturer.
As EMYD, our vision is to bring the products of all market place companies to the right consumers and to realize the product sales in the fastest way.
With our safe sales methods, we remove all the question marks in the minds of consumers while shopping, and we secure the earnings of the producers.

Store Activation & Website Setup

If you have an integrator you use, you can continue through the same integrator or you can list your products with independent collective entry systems.
We plan your preparation process for the e-commerce world by rescheduling the steps to be taken in the marketplaces and in your e-commerce site that you have developed yourself.
We are always at your side with our experienced team in the process of preparing arguments such as visual and product-appropriate content / explanation, which are required during the listing of your products on the showcase.

Product Updates & Product Improvements

In the installation process and all subsequent processes, we are at your side in cooperation with the product development / update process.
We keep your products up-to-date through integrators or independent product update systems due to stock and price updating, its critical impact on the consumer audience.
We apply visual diversity and advanced product descriptions to your products that will increase your sales.

JUNE 2019

Founded By Fehmi Darbay.


Managed Account Turnover Exceeds 1 Million


AliExpress Official Instructor Certificate Delivered to Fehmi Darbay.


Opened EMYD Partners Branch at İzmir


Number of Personnel Reached 5

APRIL 2020

Total Turnover of Managed Accounts exceeded 10 Million TL

JUNE 2020

AliExpress Onboarding Partner

August 2020

Amazon's first Local Area Network Provider Partner in Turkey (SPN)


Foreign Warehouse Projects Started


Total Turnover of Managed Accounts Exceeds 30 Million TL


E-commerce Software Project Started

December 2020

Number of Personnel reaches 30

December 2020

Opened EMYD Software Branch at Teknokent

MARCH 2021

PerforTech integration software was launched.