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EMYD Partners; It is a platform established in 2019 to develop e-export and e-commerce. It is an initiative that aims to contribute to the country’s export targets. It carries out infrastructure, software, integration and R&D activities especially to develop e-export and e-commerce. Focusing on companies with corporate qualities such as SMEs, EMYD develops technological infrastructure for cross-border e-commerce.

EMYD was founded with the idea of ​​gathering the sales and marketing techniques developed by Fehmi Darbay with 12 years of e-commerce experience under one roof. Sales and marketing management support was provided to more than fifty companies in one year. The platform has turned into an e-commerce management service in a short period of time with its strong business partnerships for e-export.

Manufacturers with a common route, contributing to Turkey’s e-commerce and e-export sales volume. Thanks to effective strategies, approximately 1 million products were brought together with the right buyers in nearly 100 markets. Thus, the e-export model of EMYD, which contributes to the sales targets of the enterprises, has made it possible to easily sell the products in their marketplaces regardless of the sales volume or the number of target audiences.

EMYD operating to keep the pulse of global e-commerce market has become a commercial center market in Turkey Partners, classifying them according to the operating characteristics of the products are placed in the right spot. With its structure that focuses on making the e-commerce world a usable environment for every brand, distributor and retailer, it aims to enable businesses to make the most of their marketplace. By creating a one-stop and complete solution in this area, it is given the chance to expand their access to businesses of all sizes, connect with more consumers and grow their business.


EMYD Partners; It bears the mission of bringing a new breath to sales methods developed for global markets. It focuses on developing techniques suitable for e-commerce and e-export trends to maximize sales volumes of partner manufacturers.


EMYD Partners; acts with the vision of bringing companies that list their products to the right consumers in their national and international marketplaces. In addition, it aims to contribute to the achievement of sales targets in global markets, as well as to contribute to rapid product sales processes.

Our service

EMYD; It aims to increase the sales to the potential by starting the sales processes from scratch in the marketplaces. Thus, a sustainable, safe and profitable e-commerce and e-export performance is provided.

Store activation and website setup: EMYD can provide services through integrators used by companies. Thus, it is possible to list the products with independent mass entry systems. E-commerce is provided with certain steps by re-planning the processes in e-commerce sites developed for sale in the marketplaces. The visual and textual contents required for the listing of the products are prepared by an experienced team.

Product updates and product enhancements: EMYD cooperates with companies during the e-commerce systems setup, product development and update stages. With the stock and price updates, accurate information is provided to the target audience. Products are kept up to date through integrators or independent update systems. It is aimed to gain potential customers with visual variety and informative product descriptions that will increase sales.

Marketplace accounts management: EMYD operates with professionalism and customer-oriented working principle. In this context, it manages domestic and foreign marketplaces accounts in order to increase sales of firms. In addition, online store opening, correct loading of products with effective contents, fulfillment service is provided in line with demands. Besides, while the campaign processes of the store and products are managed, e-export directions are made according to the needs.


Many businesses today are looking for ways to increase their sales through national and international online markets. Aiming to provide various supports for these sales through cross-border e-commerce or e-export, EMYD offers full-scale solutions to the needs of businesses from every sector. By enabling error-free and effective management of e-export processes, it contributes to the sales and marketing goals of companies with applications that increase business efficiency.

Practical applications of EMYD include services such as one-button product transfer, marketplace integrations, easy order tracking and stock control in virtual stores. Thanks to their strong business partnerships, products can be easily listed and sold in global marketplaces. Experiencing all the questions and problems of companies about e-export


EMYD Partners professionally designs the future of brands in the digital world!

We increase you sales

By introducing your products with accurate analysis in national and international marketplaces, we apply procedures that positively affect your sales.

We present your brand

While ensuring that your store and products are accessible in domestic and international marketplaces, we offer your brand in the foreground in every environment.

We help you reach customer

By identifying target audiences, we develop interactions with models suitable for this target audience.

We offer reliable and experienced support

By identifying target audiences, we develop interactions with models suitable for this target audience. We manage all processes in global markets with an experienced, innovative, reliable and professional team.


What Does EMYD Partners Do?

E-commerce history
10+ Years
Monthly Sales
End-to-end solutions
Good connections with marketplaces
E-export solutions
AliExpress Official Trainer
FullFillment solutions (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy vb.)
Sales Opprtunuties with Flash Sale Websites




In an environment where the competition in trade is increasing day by day and it is directed towards e-commerce, we make you stand out with new generation solutions. We offer more than 10 years of experience to introduce your brand to the world!

We determine the potential sales of your products in Turkey and in the world.

By determining the most suitable sales channels and online marketplaces for your brand, we ensure that your products are ready for sale and listed as soon as possible.

We offer affordable solutions through our partners in the selection of the cargo company, which is one of the important issues for increasing domestic and international sales.

By determining the suitable products for the campaign, we ensure that they are featured in the marketplaces and thus the sales targets are achieved.


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